“fragments, taking shape mosaically—its import visible only when one stands back and sees it whole.”

—Deborah Tall & John D’Agata



ERIN M. BERTRAM is a PhD student and Teaching Assistant in Creative Writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an OutSpeaking volunteer with the LGBTQA+ Resource Center, and winner of the 2016 Karen Dunning Scholarly Paper/Creative Activity Award from the Women’s & Gender Studies Department for the lyric hybrid text manuscript “It Is Not a Lonely World.”  The author of eleven chapbooks, including Memento Mori, Erin has received awards and scholarships from the Frank O’Hara Chapbook Series, Augustana College, Prague Summer Program for Writers, and the Academy of American Poets, with work appearing in Leveler, So to Speak, Uprooted: An Anthology on Gender and Illness, as a published finalist in the 2013 Diagram Essay Contest, and elsewhere.  Erin holds an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis as a former Teaching Fellow, is a Zen practitioner, and has led creative writing and LGBTQ ally workshops for a variety of organizations.  A new chapbook, from The Vanishing of Camille Claudel, will appear this fall.